Small Biz Big Dreams – assisting businesses with commercial finance options

Small to medium businesses are the engine room of the economy and many have big dreams to grow their business, expand and succeed.

To turn big dreams into productive, income-generating reality often requires big assistance with finance. Assistance with business finance and commercial loans.

This site aims to assist business to get better educated in the details of commercial finance so they can source better funding deals, better interest rates and better overall finance solutions

Business Car Finance

Business have a number of options when sourcing car finance but essentially, do it yourself and shop around the finance companies or assign a finance broker to arrange the finance for you.

Brokers have access to car finance products from many lenders, they are not restricted to the one portfolio of products as finance companies are. They can hand-pick the best option for your business, negotiate the best rates and handle all the details for you.

Saving you time, money and a lot of frustration.

No Doc Car Loans – The Facts

It is no longer the case that if you don’t have all the documentation that the bank or finance company traditionally demand for a commercial car loan product, then you are unable to access a finance solution.

Finance brokers have the skill and flexibility to arrange attractive no doc car loans for businesses of all sizes and fleets of all sizes.

Car Leasing

A broker has access to a number of car leasing options to discuss with you. Under a lease arrangement, the lender effectively holds ownership of the vehicle and leases it back to you over a fixed term for a fixed monthly fee. When the fixed term is reached and all payments made, you take ownership of the vehicle.

Chattel Car Mortgage Loan

Chattel mortgage is one the most popular form of business car financing and represents a flexible and affordable solution for most businesses. You take possession of the car at the time of purchase, while the finance company holds a mortgage over the vehicle until the loan term is completed and all payments are finalised.

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

As the name implies, the finance company effectively owns the vehicle and hires it back to you, which you have actual possession from the time of purchase. While this was a popular commercial finance product in the past, changes in how GST is treated, by law, which came into effect in July 2012 has led to a drop in demand for this product.

Bad Credit Car Finance for Business

Businesses with bad credit history or general credit issues, are not completely discounted from being offered effective and attractive car finance solutions.